Andreea from Mogosoaia sucks her lover's cock until all the freedom comes out

Andreea from Mogosoaia sucks her lover's cock until all the freedom comes out

I unlocked the door and stepped into the living room. I swung the door closed with my foot as I dropped my briefcase on the couch and began to peel off my jacket. I dropped my keys on the stand by the door and tossed my jacket onto the back of the couch. I moved quickly to my office down the hall, anxious to begin my evening. It was the first time I was going to see her. Yeah, we had shared plenty of pictures and had several very naughty chats. I felt I knew her quite well, but this was our first meeting on live webcam, fully interactive and I couldn’t wait.We had met a couple of months ago. We were both members of a social networking site where people go to chat, share stories, pictures or a variety of other things with like-minded people from all over the world. We hit it off immediately. She was a divorcee, a little more mature at forty one than some of the other members, but just as adventurous and curious as a woman half her age. Not to mention, just as beautiful. Her rich brunette hair, that she liked to have pulled, carried past her shoulders, where she liked to be bit. She loved having her perky B cup breasts played with and her firm nipples squeezed. Her perfect round ass was happiest when it was getting spanked and her tight slender legs were still flexible and could be pulled almost behind her head.I sat in my chair and opened my laptop. Signing in, I went directly to a web-chat room and set up a private chat. I activated my camera and sent my request to Kitty-Sue to view my room and begin chatting. Her response was almost immediate. She must have been as anxious as was. She accepted my invite and invited me to view her cam as well. I eagerly accepted and there she was, live on my screen with all her beauty.“Hi, Suzy,” I said hoarsely, my excitement making it difficult to speak.“Hello, Dave,” she replied in ashy voice that was somehow extremely sexy. “It’s good to meet you in person finally. Well, you know what I mean.”“Yes, I do. And I must say…. Wow! Wow you're sexy. I’m sorry I didn’t dress better for the occasion,” I said, not trying to conceal my desire.Silly me was so excited to get home and see what the night had to offer that I was still dressed in my work attire. Respectful enough as it was in my pressed blue button down, tie, and black slacks, I was charming to look at. But she was much more prepared, in a white lace teddy with matching hose and garter. The hose were frilly at the thigh and had pink bows at the top, a lovely contrast to her dark hair and caramel skin.“That’s okay. I like my man in suit and tie. It’s very fitting for a master. If you’d be my master tonight,” she responded, blushing as she said it.I knew from conversations that she was on the submissive side, but had never really been dominated. She had always been too shy and embarrassed to let her true desires out. I was honored that she trusted me asked me to do this.“I would love to, Pet. Are you willing to obey my commands?” I asked.“Yes, Sir,” she replied.“Good. I want you to pleasure yourself,” I commanded, knowing that masturbation was not something she was used to.“I’m not sure if I can,” she responded hesitantly.“Are you declining a command from your master already?” I teased.“No, Sir. I….I just might need a little more instruction. I want to be sure my performance pleases you,” she admitted, embarrassed.“I’m sure we can figure something out,” I answered coyly. She smiled and leaned back in the chair, softly caressing her pussy through her panties. As she did, I got a better view of her room. She was in her bedroom and her bed lay behind her, I knew exactly what I would have her do. “Okay my naughty little nymph, time for you to be a good pet. Let’s go to the bed, it’ll be more comfortable. Don’t forget the camera; I want to see your pleasure.”“Yes, Sir,” she said excitedly. She moved to the bed and repositioned the camera so I had an excellent view of her.
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Okay, Sir, I’m ready.”“Get rid of those panties, you won’t need them,” I began. She stood facing away from the camera, unclasped her garter and removed it and her panties, bending over in front of the camera, giving a clear view of her already glistening pussy. “Very nice, now lie on the bed, put your knees up and arch your back a little,” I continued, and she complied without hesitation. “Good, Pet. Now let me see you touch yourself.” She went directly to her wet pussy and throbbing clit and began to stroke herself. “I didn’t say pleasure yourself. I didn’t give you permission for that. I said touch yourself,” I corrected. She stopped, blushing, and began rubbing her hands sensually across her body. Played with her nipples through her teddy and ran her hands up the inside of her thighs. “Good, now I want to watch from between your legs.” She repositioned the camera to the foot of the bed and moved closer to it. “Spread your lips and let me see your wetness,” I requested, trying to hide my eagerness. She did as she was instructed and as she spread her pussy lips, plump with excitement, a silvery pearl of juice escaped and ran towards the bed. My own excitement caused my cock to stiffen so hard against my pants I felt as though I could have climaxed at that moment. “Very sexy, my Pet. Now, softly touch your clit. Pretend it’s my tongue; show me how you like to be licked.” She swept her finger up from the bottom of her opening all the way to the top of her clit, then made little circles around her clit before stroking up and down the length again. She continued to repeat this motion. “You may insert a finger and play with your nipples with your other hand. Show me how you like it, my naughty little nymph.”From this point on no other instruction was needed. I watched intently as she began playing with her left nipple, rolling it between her fingers as her right hand moved to dip her first two fingers deep into her wet pussy. I could hear the juices as she plunged eagerly, her movements getting quicker and quicker with each stroke. She then began to thrust her hips up and down against her hand as her fingers worked in and out, her left hand still pulling at her left nipple, and her low moans became louder. Louder still her moans became until I thought she might start screaming,“Cum, my Pet; cum for your master,” I permitted, anxious to see her climax.“Yes! YES!” she shouted. “YES, SIR!” Her orgasm consumed her. She drew her knees up tight and clenched her thighs together, but never removed her hand from her clit and I had a clear view of her pulsating pussy as it contracted, spilling its juice in a clear white river down her ass.“Very good, Pet. You’ve done well,” I complimented.“Thank you, Sir,” she responded, examining her fingers, covered in her juices.“Show them to me,” I said, which she did obediently. “Very nice, now lick them. How do they taste?”“Sweet. Very sweet,” she responded.“Mmmm. I bet. You look so damned yummy, I could eat you up,” I told her with honest desire.“I’d love to have you, Sir,” this time with more confidence.“Tell me, Pet. What is your favorite fantasy?” I inquired.“That’s easy, Sir. I would like a man to come to me, take control and have his way with me. Spank me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me tender. Completely dominate me and enjoy me any way he sees fit.”“Hmm. That’s very interesting,” I responded, a little surprised and completely intrigued by the honesty of her response. “So, when shall we ‘see’ each other again?”“I won’t be able to ‘see’ you again until Saturday night, Sir,” she answered, disappointed.“Very well, Pet. Saturday it is,”“Thank you, Sir, for a lovely evening. I’ll see you around eight, okay?”“Yes, my pet. Sweet dreams,” I concluded, signing out of my computer.Three days seemed like three months to see her again. But it gave me plenty of time to plan our next encounter.

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