Real Sex At Home Without Scenarios With Two Romanians

Real Sex At Home Without Scenarios With Two Romanians

Another Friday night at the Cougar’s Den club and the cougars were out in force. I sat at my private table, keeping my eye on things ready to intervene if there was a ruckus. The barmaid brought me a single-malt scotch and gave me a bright smile. I was aware that she had a crush on me, however despite her perfect figure, bright smile and magnificent tits. I shooed her away.As she turned to go, she stopped and turned back to me. “Why do they do it?” she asked, nodding her head towards the dance floor and the couples groping each other.“The cougars or the pups?” I asked.“Well, both.”“The cougars are horny, and the pups are horny also and too scared to forage in the jungle. So they both come here to get laid without a fuss. Plus for the pups, it’s cheaper than going out on a date as the cougars cover all the costs.”“Sad,” she said as she returned to the bar.I sat back watching the Saturday night crowd gyrating on the dance floor as the beat of the music pounded around them. My eyes fell on an absolutely stunning blond woman wearing a black mini dress that barely covered her ass and black silk thigh highs that encased a stunning pair of legs. The pup she was with was a good dancer. His rugged good looks were obviously appealing to her, as vouched by the smile on her face and the gleam in her eyes.As the evening was winding down, the DJ changed the beat to something slower. The couples came together and entered in the last part of the mating ritual. I saw my blond clasped in the arms of her pup. He had his hand cupping her ass and was mauling those delightful cheeks, while she was groping his bulge with a look of absolute delight on her face.The music ended and they returned to their table. They ordered a drink and while waiting to be served a young woman in her twenties entered the club and made a beeline for that table. The pup stood up, kissed the girl, and after a few words, they walked out together, leaving the cougar sitting by herself.She put on a brave smile as they walked out arm in arm and as soon as they were out the door she ordered a double scotch. The smile was gone, and I could see tears as she sat alone at her table.I had made a practice of never interacting with my clients; however, something compelled me to go to her. She looked up at me as I approached and wiped the tears from her eyes with a napkin.“Do you think the solution is at the bottom of that glass?” I asked.“Maybe. If not the next one or the one after that.”“May I take a seat?”“Why not. It seems as I am now alone. Aren’t you too old to be hanging around the ‘Cougars Lair’?" she said while eying me from head to foot.“I don’t see why not. I own this establishment.”“Oh!”“Why are you surprised? Someone has to own it, and it certainly would not be one of the pups.”“What can I do for you?” she asked.“Well, you looked miserable sitting here alone, and I felt bad for you. May I ask you a question?”“Sure.”“Why do you do this to yourself?”“What? Chase after the pups?“Before I tell you that may I ask your name? I’m Pamela… Pamela Miller.”“Glad to meet you, Pamela Miller, I am Christopher Jones. Please call me Chris.”I reached across the table and took her hand and bestowed a light kiss on it. Her ring finger was adorned with both a wedding ring and another ring which must have cost a fortune — a sapphire of at least five carats surrounded by a galaxy of diamonds.“What gallantry, Chris, I don’t think anyone has kissed my hand in ages. Well back to your question… Do you want the simple answer or some made for the moment excuse?”“Whichever you are comfortable with,” I said. Her eyes which matched the colour of the sapphire twinkled as she smiled at me.“The simplest answer to that is that I am a horny woman. I enjoy the vigour and endurance of the young men who haunt your establishment. I don’t know if they have to pass an entrance exam to come here, but they always have cocks that are more than satisfactory to an old woman like me.”I looked at her in astonishment. My eyes examined her from the crown of blond hair down to the elegant legs and feet encased in a gorgeous pair of Louboutin high heeled sandals. I noticed that a gold hot wife ankle bracelet on her ankle. This woman was drop-dead gorgeous, and I could feel myself getting aroused by her. “Old? You are not old, why do you say that?”“Well, that leads us to the more complex answer. Are you interested?”“Absolutely. Let me get you another drink first. That is Scotch you’re drinking?’“Yes. The only problem is that Scotch only increases my horniness, but what the hell if I am going to open my soul to you, I might as well be both horny and drunk.”I called the waitress over and asked her to bring us two Scotches from my private stock. When the drinks arrived, she took a small sip, and her face broke into a smile. “Ah, a man of taste. If I am not mistaken Macallan single malt and at least 25 years old.”I yearned to lean across and kiss those succulent lips; I found myself really stirred by this woman.“Okay, now for the long and sordid tale of Pam the Slut. As you might have surmised, I am married, married to a man who has no interest in me, and much to my regret I have no longer any interest in him. He married me for my status and not for my money as he is as wealthy as I am. He is addicted to porn and loves to masturbate more than to make love to me. If we divorced, we would both be losers, and so he will not do that, while I to date have never found an age-appropriate man who interested me or who could meet my sexual expectations. Thus the pups.”“Does he know about what you do when you go out?”“Not only does he know, but he insists I give him a blow by blow, no pun intended, description of my exploits.”“So he’s a cuckold.”“Yes, but to date, he has not wanted to participate or be involved. He brought me this hotwife anklet last month,” she said, stretching out her long leg on the adjacent chair so I could see it. “He told me it was his official seal of approval of my status and his permission to keep up with this lifestyle.”I ran my eyes on that leg that looked as if it would never end and the soft tempting flesh that showed above her black silk thigh highs and was not able to help myself; I just had to run my hand up her leg. I watched as a tremor ran through her body, and her eyes became an even more vibrant shade of sapphire.The anklet was lovely and obviously not an item bought from a sex shop. It was gold and looked as if it was a custom design. It was rose gold and incorporated sapphires, which again matched the colour of her eyes.“Chris, if you keep doing that I might just climb over this table and ravish you.”“Oh please do,” I chuckled, “it would be a first for me in this club.”“What! You never took advantage of the opportunities you have here?”“Not once! I just don’t want to compete with the pups. They are younger and much more attractive to you ladies than I am. Why risk refusal for me and disappointment for my clients?”“You don’t want to compete?”“I only compete on a level playing field. I certainly have more skill than they do; however, I think my clients are not looking for skill. They are looking for length and girth and stamina.”“Well that caress on my leg is certainly skillful, and you are making my pussy drip with desire.”“How did you get here tonight, Pam?”“Well, there’s a non sequitur to this conversation. I drove.”“We are about to close. I can’t let you drive with the amount of liquor you drank. Where do you live?”“Beacon Hill. Why?’“I am going to drive you home. I will get your car driven to your home in the morning.”oOoThe parking lot contained only two cars. I presumed the Audi A5 Cabriolet was hers and mine was the BMW M850i. I asked her for her keys, verified that the Audi was locked, and walked her over to the passenger side of my BMW.As I opened the door for her, she suddenly turned and faced me. Her arms wrapped around me as she clung to me. She lifted her face, and her lips reached for mine. The unexpected passion she put into that kiss and the need I felt in her made my knees weak. Her lips parted, and her tongue probed my mouth. I felt myself get hard and my erection pressed into her as we exchanged saliva.Breathless, we parted, and she sat down. I got into the driver’s seat while she looked at me with those mesmerizing eyes. “Chris, as an expert on men and their instruments, I can tell you that you have nothing to envy in younger men. Your kissing technique made my toes curl. How come you aren’t married?”“Long version or short version?”“Whichever.”“Coming out of university, I was engaged to this young woman. A month before our wedding, my father passed away and left me a barroom. I decided I wanted to make it into a business. When I told her, she became interested in a classmate who is now a lawyer. She decided that her status was more important than a relationship with a bar owner and jilted me.”“How sad!”“The irony is that after transforming the bar into a night club, I easily make twice what her husband does. I see her on occasion when she comes to the club to hunt for a pup.”“I guess you don’t think much of me, then?”“Pam, who am I to judge? I am no paragon of virtue. I think you have been handed a shitty stick. You do what you need to do, and if that makes you happy, that’s fine.”“But it does not make me happy!” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I feel dirty and debased going out with those - as you call them - pups who are almost young enough to be my sons.”“Well, change that, start looking for someone who makes you feel good.”“Someone like you?” she said with a wry smile.“Well maybe someone who you would be proud to be with.”“Enough talk,” she said taking my hand and placing it on her crotch. She was not wearing any panties. My hand landed on a warm and dripping wet pussy. I curved my hand and rubbed her slit till she took my fingers and inserted two them into her steamy wet warmth.“Oh! That feels so good. Please, Chris, get me off. I desperately need this.”I stopped the car on a dark side street and rearranged her body so that one of her legs stretched over my lap and the other over the steering wheel. Once she was fully open to me, I fingered her hungry clasping pussy while my thumb played a symphony on her clit. Her moans and whimpers filled the air.Her hips bucked at me as she drove my fingers deeper into her depths. With a final shriek, she came and convulsed next to me in an orgasm such as I had never had the opportunity of seeing before. I slowly withdrew my fingers and brought them to my mouth to taste her. It was intoxicating; she tasted so sweet and clean.She straightened out and leaned towards me for another bout of passionate kissing.“Thank you,” she said, “that was just what I needed. I thought you did not fool around with your clients.”“I also did not tell you that I ascribe to the philosophy of a great Greek philosopher who said ‘If a woman sleeps alone it puts a shame on all men. God has a very big heart, but there is one sin He will not forgive: if a woman calls a man to her bed and he will not go’.”“Plato?”“No! Zorba the Greek.”She burst out laughing. “That I did not expect. So, Chris, if I call you to my bed you will come running?”“Wild horses couldn’t hold me back.”“Take me home. You are going to have to prove your belief in that philosophy.”“But your husband?”“Leave him to me.”oOoPam directed me to drive up Beacon Street and told me to park in front of an elegant three-story building. Before leaving the car, she again kissed me and told me to follow her lead as she would interact with her husband initially. We got out of the car and entered the lobby and took the elevator to the third floor.“Are you ready for me, you old dog?” she said while running her hand over my tumescent cock once the elevator doors closed.“Old dog?”“You certainly are not one of the young pups,” she smiled at me. “Tonight you might have convinced me to switch to old dogs, however, the proof is in the pudding as they say.”Getting out of the elevator, I watched her ass sway as she confidently walked to the door of the apartment. It was the only door on the floor, which led me to believe that the whole floor was her residence. She unlocked the door and entered into a sumptuously furnished lobby while calling out, “Chet, where are you?”A disembodied voice replied, “In the den.”“Come join us in the living room; we have a guest.”She ushered me into the living room and indicated that I was to sit on a plush white leather sofa. I was extremely nervous, wondering what I had let myself in for. I almost felt like making my excuses and bolting for the door. However, that Greek philosopher's words niggled at the back of my mind.“Chris, would you like a drink?” Pam asked.“Yes. Do you have sparkling water?”“Will Perrier do?”“That would hit the spot.”A tall and quite handsome older gentleman walked in with a big smile on his face.“Chet, meet Chris, he is the proprietor of the club I go to on my nights out.”He advanced towards me with his hand stretched out to shake mine. I stood, and we shook hands, and as we did something clicked in my mind. God, this guy is gay!“Glad to meet you, Chris. This is the first time Pam brings home a guest.”“Well…”Pam piped up, “I had a few too many, and Chris thought it would be safer to drive me here as it was on his way. Why don’t you two chat while I get us something to drink. Chris is having Perrier, shall I get you your usual?" she asked him.He sat in an armchair facing the sofa and after an awkward silence said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a club owner. Is it a profitable business?”I did not like the dismissiveness in his voice, and it raised the hackles on my back. “It’s a living," I answered.“How much does it make you a year? Excuse my question, but I am a banker and things like that fascinate me.”You miserable SOB, I thought. You’re checking me out. Shall I send you my Dun & Bradstreet report? For Pam’s sake, I decided to keep it civil, but knock him from his high horse.“I average about $10,000 a night and weekends about $35,000 net. Of course, that does not include the hotel and restaurant revenue.”“The hotel?”“Yes, the hotel. I own the hotel that houses the club.”“But… I know that building. It must be worth over $20 mil.”“Well that’s a bit low but who’s counting.”During the whole conversation, I felt his eyes on me as If he was evaluating a piece of meat. The whole scene was making me very uncomfortable. I needed to get out of this place before I really lost it. Pam had been away some time, and I figured she might have fallen asleep or something considering how much alcohol she had consumed.He broke the awkward silence that had settled on us by yelling, “Pam, where’s my drink?”She called back, “Coming.”When she entered the room carrying a tray with the drinks, my jaw dropped. She wore a filmy negligée that left absolutely none of her charms to the imagination. She handed him his drink while he sat there with a stunned look on his face, and came to sit next to me on the sofa.She smiled at me and ran her hand possessively along my thigh, then turned her attention back to her husband.“Chet, we have come to decision time. I need to make my position crystal clear to you. I’m done with the fiction we have constructed that we are a happily married couple.”“But…darling,” he blurted out.“Just keep quiet and sit there till I finish. You and I have ritual sex once or twice a year. I know you have urges as I can hear you masturbate from time to time. I do not wish to divorce you as we would both end up losers if this went into a litigious and messy situation. You would lose prestige in the eyes of your board of director members, and I, for sure, am never going to agree to pay you any alimony or settlement.“That said, I need a man in my life. I am tired of this sneaking around and humiliating myself by picking up men who are young enough to be my sons. I am revolted by coming back and recounting my exploits to let you have masturbatory fantasies. I need real men such as Chris here,” she said while running her hand over my crotch and grabbing my cock through my pants.His eyes popped out while she handled my manhood, and he stared at the bulge that had formed in my pants. It was as if he was ready to leap across the room and join her in fondling me. She took my hand and brought it between her legs and placed it on her moist pussy.She kept on, “Ch
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et, you are free to do as you wish and I will not stand in your way, but from now on I will be doing my extramarital fucking in our bedroom. I want your things out of it first thing in the morning. From now on use the second bedroom.”I watched him through this and two things hit me: first, his eyes had not wavered from the bulge in my pants, and his cock was now also straining his trousers.“Pam, may I say a word?”“Sure, Chris.”“Pam, Chet is as queer as a nine-dollar bill. He is not a cuck - he’s gay.”“What! Is that right, Chet?”We looked across at him as his face had turned beet red. He sat back staring at us. He seemed to be dumbstruck. Pam rose and went and stood over him.“All this time you encouraged me to tell you about my experiences to help you masturbate you were fantasizing about the young men and their cocks and not about what I was going through?“Is that why you always asked those detailed questions about the size of their equipment and always wanted to lick my pussy to clean up any residue that might be between my legs?”She hauled back and gave him a resounding slap across the face. The red of his face became even more intense. I rushed across the room and wrapped my arms around her to prevent any further mayhem. She struggled to get back to him, intent on finishing what she had started.I sat her down and held her tightly around the waist, so she was immobilized. Slowly she stopped struggling and calmed down.“Tell me, is what Chris says true?”“Well, yes. I am gay. Have always been gay. Well… not always. I started off as bisexual and with the years realized I preferred men to women.”“Why the charade? Couldn’t you have told me years ago instead of playing the game you played with me?” Pam asked.“I did not have the courage, and when we had established a pattern, it was easier to keep it going than to upset the applecart.”“I want you out of here for tonight. Go find yourself a hotel room somewhere and in the morning we will talk about how and if we go on from here.”“A hotel? At this time of night. Where am I going to find a room?” he whined.I just could not resist. “Want me to get you a room at my hotel?”“Would you?”“Sure. By the way, there is a gay bar just down the street if you don’t want to spend the night alone.”A phone call later he was on his way and Pam and I were left alone in the apartment.“How are you feeling?” I asked her.“Mad as hell. Mainly against myself for not seeing it years ago, and having subjected myself to the sleaze I sought for years.”“Shall I go and let you digest all this?”“No, Chris, spend the night with me. I admire how you ferreted out his deep dark secret and prevented me from going ballistic. For a second, I was ready to scratch his eyes out. Now, are you ready to show me how an old dog makes love to a woman?”I sat back and looked at her. I was smitten by her looks. Her pert breasts displayed her taut nipples through the flimsy fabric of her negligee, and I yearned to suck on those two delicate morsels of flesh. I seemed to hesitate in her eyes because she appeared to be ready to break out into tears. “Don’t tell me you too are going to bail out on me; first the pup, then my husband and now you?”“No! I was just thinking that with you, this first step might not be the last, and that scares me.“You would be a woman I so easily could fall in love with.”“Really?" she said with a smile on her lips, “Then come, let’s take the first step. We can figure out where it might lead after we have taken it.”She stood up, took my hand and led me down a corridor to her bedroom. She grabbed the sheets on the bed and pulled them off and made up the bed with clean sheets with my help. She then stripped out of the negligee and said, “Time to wash all traces of my past off my body, will you help me?” as she led me to the attached bathroom.I followed mesmerized by those long legs and ravishing ass that danced in front of my eyes.“Strip. I want to see that body that has had my pussy creaming for the last few hours.”I slowly removed my clothes, and when my cock popped out of my briefs, she gasped.“Oh! I knew it was big, but not that big. You have nothing to envy younger men about,” she said as she wrapped her long slender fingers around my manhood. They did not quite manage to circle my girth, which brought a smile to her face. “Yumm! I am really going to enjoy you; I can already tell. Run the bath, please, while I go get us some beverages.”When she returned with two flutes and a bottle of Dom Perignon, the bath was full. She added some scented bath bubbles and slid elegantly into the water. “This is not a spectator sport,” she giggled. “Get in.”I slid in facing her and gazed in fascination at her firm breasts, which were the only part of her body above the surface. I reached over and took her stiff nipples and rolled them between my fingers while she made soft mewling noises of appreciation.I felt her foot slide between my thighs and rub against my balls and cock which provoked sounds of appreciation on my part. “Turn around,” I ordered.“Yes sir,” she said as she leaned her back against my chest.“I like the ‘yes sir,’ are you always this compliant?”“I certainly could be for the right man. I like a man who can control me. I sometimes think that I must be submissive.”“Oh, good. We will have to investigate that side of you. As a matter of fact, I would like to investigate all your sides.”“Front and back?”“Definitely. You have the cutest ass.”“Here, take the soap and wash me. I want to be squeaky clean to be ready for your investigation.”My now fully erect cock was nudging her ass as I lathered my hands and proceeded to soap her breasts. I thoroughly mauled the pliant flesh as she pushed back against my body. Once done, I soaped her flat stomach before my fingers reached the juncture of her legs. I soaped her pussy and inserted two fingers into her vagina and twisted and turned them in her getting her thoroughly clean. She was extremely tight, and with her sexual history, I wondered about that.“Kegel exercises, Chris,” she said as if reading my mind.“Stand up so I can wash the rest.”She stood with her legs spread on either side of mine as I remained seated. I gazed up the length of her slender legs to the cutest of pussies. She was totally clean-shaven and tiny. Any vaginal lips she possessed were invisible. Her clit, however, was protruding about a quarter-inch out of its hood. I yearned to kiss and suck on it.Tempering my excitement, I lathered each foot and washed it before gliding my hands up those delightful thighs. “Turn!” I ordered.She turned, and I was looking at what to me was the definition of a perfect ass. I gave each ass cheek a light couple of slaps.“Oh, a spanker. Are you going to punish me with a spanking, Sir?”“Not tonight. You have not deserved one yet.”I continued giving those ass cheeks a sensual massage before spreading the cheeks to reveal a small pink star which I also longed to kiss and lick before spreading it open with my cock. I pushed against it with a soapy finger, and she bent slightly forward, allowing my finger to slide into her warm clasping depths.“Oh! That feels so sexy. I love that.”“Good. I have plans for it for later.”“Great! I look forward to that. Now your turn, stand up and let me wash you.”We stood face to face, and she lifted her lips to mine, “Kiss me. Give me one of your patented old-dog kisses.”I wrapped my arms around her, and our lips and tongues met. This was the kiss to end all kisses. I felt her breasts against my chest as we meshed from head to shin. My erection nudged the entrance to her pussy, and I could feel her wetness and heat as her pussy enveloped the head of my cock.We finally came apart, breathless. I turned on the shower, and we rapidly rinsed the soap from our bodies. I grabbed one of the thick towels and dried off. I then took her into my arms and carried her to the bed.She giggled as I placed her on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her thighs.“I am going to eat every morsel of you from head to foot,” I announced.“Chris, I am yours to do with as you wish. My holes are there for our pleasure, use me as you deem fit. Tonight I am your willing slut. I also want to sample that magnificent cock and taste you.”“Me first.”I lay down next to her, and after a quick kiss, I started nibbling her neck and ears as she giggled like a small girl. Eventually, my lips and mouth licked and nibbled down to her tits. Amazingly for a woman her age, they were jutting straight up with no sign of any sag. I ran my tongue around the pink areolas, not allowing myself to touch her nipples. She was squirming around trying to get me to play with the nipples; however, I kept teasing her by denying her that pleasure for the moment.“Please,” she begged.“Please what?”“I have very sensitive nipples; they are longing for your touch.”“Really?” I asked, taking one nipple between my fingers and pinching it while my teeth clasped the other and bit it lightly.“Yes. Just like that. You can pinch and bite harder if you wish. Mmm! That feels so good. You are making my pussy tingle.”“Oh, it’s going to tingle a lot more before I’m done,” I said, raking the nipple with my teeth and tugging on the other one.I grasped both nipples with my fingers and tugged on them till she had to arch her back to relieve the strain. The nipples went from bright pink to rosy red under my ministration.I let my tongue glide down her stomach to her navel and let it circle that cavity as she protested that I was tickling her.I then went to lie at her feet and taking each pedicured foot I kissed and licked them as she looked at me with questioning eyes.“You don’t like?” I asked.“No, I love it, but no one has ever done that to me before.”“See, old dogs have tricks that young pups don’t have.”When I licked between her toes, she moaned, “God that feels so sensuous.”Carefully I let my tongue run up each thigh, giving her light kisses whenever I discovered a spot where she was especially sensitive. Reaching her groin, I licked on each side of her pussy again without actually touching it. I kept this up as she kept shifting her body to bring it in contact with my mouth. I avoided her till again she begged, “Please, I need you to eat my pussy, Chris.”Relenting, I licked down the tiny crease and wormed my tongue between her lips. She spread her thighs wider apart and her soft pink flesh parted to let my tongue enter the warm tunnel. She was very wet, and her juices tasted sweet and fresh. I greedily licked each drop of moisture as she pushed her bottom up, seemingly wanting to engulf my whole head into her depths.“Chris, turn around so I can suck your cock while you eat me up.”I turned my body and lay on my back while she got on top of me. She straddled my face, and I felt her tongue run the length of my shaft before her mouth wrapped itself around my cock. I felt her head bob as I resumed my pussy munching. By now she was oozing juice while her asshole was just above and I couldn’t resist running my tongue around the rim. I felt her gasp on my cock when I did. I made a spear of my tongue and pried at the opening. Slowly, to my joy, I saw it relax and open up to me. My fingers entered her sopping pussy and sought that sensitive spot. When I found it, I rubbed it vigorously while my other hand reached for her clit and squeezed it.It felt as if her mouth was milking my cock. She was taking all seven inches down her throat while her hand was lightly squeezing my balls. I could feel my cock throb.“Pam, I’m going to cum,” I gasped.“Mpff!”I took that as go ahead, and I felt myself shoot stream after stream of cum while her mouth and throat did not release her grip on my manhood. I felt her pussy clench around my fingers as her mouth released my cock."Yes! Oh yes. Don’t stop. Please don’t…” she wailed as she pressed down on my fingers and clenched on my tongue in her ass as she unleashed her orgasm all over my fingers. I brought my tongue back to her pussy and savoured every drop that she blessed me with.She climbed off me and came to cuddle against me. I kissed her and could taste myself on her lips. I guess could she taste herself on mine. I felt her tongue lick my face and chin as she washed off any residue of her orgasm off my face.We lay there in that rosy post-orgasmic feeling of contentment in silence. My mind tried to process what was happening to me. I had avoided any type of relationship for years, contenting myself with one-night stands. Here I was, becoming deeply infatuated with Pam and wondering what would happen between us in the future.Would this be a one-off, or could something be built on the foundation that we had just laid? She had so many things I liked. She was beautiful, sexual and smart. The decisions she had made today showed she had strength and courage. And… she was submissive sexually, which was something that really turned me on.My musings were interrupted when she suddenly spoke up. “Old Dog, will you let me be your little or pussy cat?”“Speaking of pussy, we still need to explore that possibility in-depth,” I replied with a smile.“True. I was afraid you would be too tired.”“Tired. Me? You just have to call, and I will cum.”“Please, Sir, would you fuck my pussy? Please…”“How can I resist the call of a woman in need?”I rolled over her and settled between her parted thighs. I slid my cock against her small opening, getting it well lubricated by the juices which were oozing lightly from her pussy. Each time it rubbed against her clit, she would let out a small moan of need.She raised her legs and placed them on my shoulders as I leaned forward to kiss her. “Please put it in me, darling. I want to feel you spread my pussy with your cock and let me show you how good it can be.”I placed myself at her opening, and my cock slowly slid into her. She was very tight. I could feel her interior walls rubbing around every inch of my length. “Oh! That feels so good. It’s all yours, Chris. Ream me hard and fast. Show me how an old dog treats a woman.”I thrust forward to my full length and felt her cervix against my cock as she moaned in pleasure. Her muscles started to milk my shaft as she raised her legs even higher and wrapped them around my neck. Her back arched as she raised her hips up to pull me deep into her with every thrust.I slid my hands under her hips and sought for the tight little rear pucker — the juices which were leaking out of her lubricated my fingers. I slid two deep into her anus, which I used to help her thrust upward, lifting her ass on my fingers with each thrust. With a gasp, she clenched around my fingers as tightly as she was gripping my cock.“Fuck… fuck… fuck! You, Sir, are incredible. I have never been fucked so well before.”I increased my pace and soon she was moaning non-stop as my cock throbbed deep in her. I knew that I could not keep up this pace without coming. I wanted to flood that sweet pussy with my cream and make her mine.I felt the pressure build. “I’m so close, honey. I’m going to cum.”“Me too. Cum feed me your sweet cum. Flood my slutty pussy.”I literally exploded in her and with a shriek, as she flooded my cock with her hot juices. I lowered her legs and myself against her.“Oh how wonderful, how truly wonderful that was,” she whispered in my neck.“For me also, my little pussy cat.”We stayed wrapped in each other’s arms as I felt her slip into sleep. Soon she was purring, as women don’t snore - they purr. I smiled at that and soon was fast asleep myself.I was brought back to consciousness by a hand gently stroking my morning wood. I opened my eyes to find Pam looking down at me with a gleam in her eye. She leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips.“Darling, that was indeed a night to remember. We need to get up; however, much I am loath to let that magnificent erection go to waste. Chet will be here in half an hour to clean his stuff out of this room, and I don’t want to do any more to excite his gay thoughts, especially about you. Would you like to come back this afternoon? I have decided I want him gone out of this apartment forever. Since it's Sunday, if you were to come back this afternoon, we could explore those uncharted depths we still have not charted out.”“Well, since you put it that way, my philosophical friend leaves me unable to deny the call to your bed, your arms and your sweet holes. My little slut!”“Am I really your little slut?”“Yes, my little slut, my pussy cat.” Thank you to JefferyB for his input.      

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