A broom threatens him with a gun if he doesn't fuck her well

A broom threatens him with a gun if he doesn't fuck her well

I grew up in a rural suburb of a major city on the east coast.  Ours was a normal family by most accounts.  We lived in a small rambler at the edge of our development.  Our family was friendly with all of our neighbors.  My sister and I were the only children of a loving couple.  We are fraternal twins, but unlike many twins, we weren't very close.  All through our childhood, my sister and I were indifferent to each other.  We didn't fight or hate. We just got along.  Like I said, normal.Our lives with our parents were quite busy as we both excelled in school and participated in sports.  Mom was regularly shuttling one or the other of us to someplace or another.  My sister was interested in medicine and soccer.  I, on the other hand, was into business and baseball.  Neither of us was much more than average in our respective athletics.  But we did maintain 4.0 grade-point averages all through school.  We both went to college and kept our grades up through graduation.Jamie, my sister, went into nursing because she always loved helping people.  She felt that she could make a more significant impact as a nurse than as a doctor.  After college, she moved closer to the city, where she could find more work.Ironically, I ended up moving toward the city also, just ten blocks away from Jamie.  I started my first job at an accomplished advertising agency. I found my niche doing presentations and was their go-to guy in just over a year.  One of my colleagues described me as being able to sell ice to an Eskimo.We both excelled in our respective fields and moved up the ladder quickly.  Jamie finished her RN training and was the head ER nurse within two years.One of the few things that we did have in common is our lack of personal relationships.  We were both so driven throughout our lives that we never took the time to get close to anyone.  We dated from time to time, but it never stuck.  The only exception to that was with our parents.  We both spoke to them at least once a week, even if we didn't talk to each other.The sad truth is that we only saw or spoke to each other when we crossed paths at our parents' home.  We were always friendly, but not the huggy-kissy sort that you'd expect from twin siblings.  It was more like a co-worker type of relationship. Someone that you would talk to about general things but never any in-depth or real-life stuff.  And that's the way it continued until last Saturday.Unlike Jamie, I kept playing my sport, baseball, after graduation.  It was just a local club league, and quite frankly, our team sucked.  But it was a fun distraction from the rigors of the twelve-hour workdays.  It was on this particular Saturday that our team was actually close in score to our competitor.  We were all giving it our best in hopes of actually winning a game.  I had hit a grounder between first and second, which secured me a spot on first base.The next batter, Jim, was one of the few good hitters on the team, so I was leading-off big-time.  He cracked the ball hard, and I took off without even looking.  I rounded second and was headed toward third at full speed when the coach gave me the signal to stop there.  I dropped into a slide and dug in hard.  The resulting force kicked up the hard plastic base, and it ended up digging a nice hole in the back of my right thigh.  Fortunately, it wasn't too deep, and it didn't hit any main arteries.  But they insisted on taking me to the hospital via ambulance.In the ambulance, they cleaned the wound as best as they could and bandaged it up just as we arrived.  The best part of riding in an ambulance is that they take you back immediately.  They rolled me down the hallway to an exam room with a nurse following close behind.  The nurse, Melinda, had me roll onto my belly on their table as the EMT's headed back to their ambulance.  Once I was settled, she removed their bandage to look closely at the wound.  After a little poking around, Melinda said, "It doesn't look too bad, Jared, but we do need to clean the wound thoroughly before we stitch you up.  I need you to remove your clothes and slip on this hospital gown.  I'll be back in a few minutes with the supplies to fix you up."I eased off of the table and pulled off my t-shirt.  After pulling on the gown, I slipped off my shorts and underwear.  I placed my clothes at the end of the table before lying on my side.  I laid there for another fifteen minutes before Melinda reappeared.  Pushing a cart through the door, she began apologizing, "I'm so sorry about the wait, but it's getting busy out there."I replied, "I understand.  My sister works here, and we hear about the craziness from time to time.""Wait, Simpson, is your last name?  Are you Jamie's brother?""Yes, I am.""Oh shit, she's going to kill me for making you wait.  Please don't say anything to her, or I'll be working double shifts for a month.""Wow.  Is she that much of a hard-ass?""Hard-ass is a bit much.  Let's just say that she is a tough boss and wants everything done just so."Melinda was visibly shaking as she organized her supplies for cleaning my gash.  I took her hand and offered, "Don't worry about a thing, Melinda.  You're doing a great job, and you have nothing to worry about.  Besides, Jamie and I aren't that close anyway."As Melinda calmed down, she pulled her hand away to finish her prep.  When she was ready, she said, "Can you please roll back onto your belly.  I'm going to give you a local anesthetic for the cleaning.  That way, I can get in their good without causing you too much pain."I rolled into place and fell her brush the gown away from my legs and ass.    Melinda had already slipped a pad underneath me to soak up the fluids that she used to clean the wound.  After a few quick sticks from the needle, she started her work.  I couldn't feel anything that she was doing and quickly got comfortable.  It was but a minute or two into her work that Melinda asked, "So you said earlier that you and Jamie aren't very close.  If it's not too personal, may I ask why?  Because my brother and I are very close."I indulged Melinda, "Well, it's no reason, really. We just always did our own thing.  We were both quite dedicated to school and maintained excellent grades.  I guess we just kept our eyes on the future and didn't have time for trivialities.""That sounds like Jamie.  She keeps her nose to the grindstone.  Did you know that she is the youngest head nurse that they've ever had here?  And, she has improved the ER's survival rate by nearly ten percent in the last year.  She is amazing but seriously tough.  Now that I know that you're her brother, I'm obligated to tell her that you're here.""There's no need for that, Melinda.  She'll probably just give me shit for getting hurt for no reason.""I'm sorry about that, Jared, but it's kind of a nurse code.  We always tell each other when a relative is in the hospital.  And I definitely can't break that, especially with Jamie.  She'd find a way to have me fired.""Okay, don't sweat it.  I'll deal with her.  I don't want to get you in trouble.  Are you close to being finished?  I can't feel a thing back there.""Actually, I'm putting the finishing touches on your stitches right now.  I'm going to leave them uncovered while I write up everything and return the cart.  Just make yourself comfortable, and I'll be back in fifteen."I did as she said and actually started to doze off when I heard, "Jared, is that you?"I opened my eyes to see Jamie coming toward me.  "Oh, hi sis," I managed as she eyed the repairs to my leg."What did you do to yourself?  Who did this work, it's actually pretty good? Why isn't there anyone with you, and why didn't they call me?""If you're done grilling me, I'll tell you.""Okay, I just don't like seeing my family in here and not knowing about it.""Alright.  First of all, I did it playing baseball.  Melinda helped me out and just left to do her report and let you know that I am here.  She didn't know who I was until we got talking, and by then, she was too far into her work to stop.  Happy?""Hey!  Can't a sister be concerned about her brother?  By the way, nice ass," she added as she covered me up with the gown."Thanks," I offered as she sat down.  She gave me the mom stare for a minute before I caved.  "I was sliding into third base and kicked it up with my cleat.  It stabbed me in the leg, and now I'm here, telling my story."Jamie smiled at her little victory in getting me to tell on myself. Melinda walked in at that moment and unwelcomely surprised said, "Oh, Hi Nurse Simpson.  I just sent you a page to let you know that your brother is here.  I'm sorry that I couldn't notify you earlier, but... "Jamie cut her off there, saying, "It's okay, Melinda.  Jared told me you were busy taking excellent care of him.  And I'm sure that he tried to bribe you to keep from telling me anyway.  Now, did it look like there was any nerve damage?"Melinda promptly replied, "It's a good possibility.  I spoke with Dr. Ruben, and he prescribed pain medication if it's needed.  We should know soon since the local should be wearing off.""Hey guys, do you have anything for pain?  This thing is starting to hurt," I said, as if on cue.Jamie replied, "How much pain are we talking about?  Just soreness from the cleaning and cut, or is it more?""Let's just start with something like Advil and see how it goes.""You didn't answer my question.  What's your pain level from one to ten?""It's about six.""Is it still increasing?""Yes.  But I think that some Advil will take care of most of it."Jamie turned to Melinda and said, "Go get me a few of what the Doctor prescribed, please."  As Melinda left, Jamie turned back to me and explained, "Just take these for the first dose or two.  Believe me when I say that you definitely want to keep ahead of the pain.""Okay, Nurse Jamie.  I'll follow your commands, but I'm not staying in the hospital overnight.""Alright, but you need someone to watch over you tonight and tomorrow.  Why don't you stay at my place and then you can go home tomorrow night and be ready for work on Monday?""I don't want to be a burden. I'll just go home.  I'll be fine.""Oh, sure, and when something happens to you after you've been to my hospital, who do you think Mom and Dad will blame?"Just then, Melinda appeared with the meds and gave me the first pill with a glass of water.  Then she gave the rest to Jamie and handed her my paperwork.  "He's all checked out and ready to go.  Do you want me to call him a cab?""No," Jamie replied, "He's coming home with me tonight so that I can keep an eye on him while he's on these pills.""Alright, I'll bring you a wheelchair.  Are you leaving early?" Melinda asked."Yes, but I've got to take care of a few things first.  Can you stay with him until I get back, please?  I'll grab the wheelchair on my way back."It was another twenty minutes, or so when Jamie finally reappeared, I think.  The pain pill was starting to affect me, and I was feeling a little loopy.  Jamie relieved Melinda, "Thanks for your help Melinda, but you better get back out there; they really need you.  I've got him from here."As Melinda left, she said, "Take care of that leg, Jared." I waved to her in that girly way with just your fingers.The funny thing was, I wasn't a bit tired and started to get out of bed when Jamie pulled up the wheelchair.  As I started to slide out of bed, Jamie grabbed me and held me down, saying, "Jared, just stay still for a minute.  I can see that meds are affecting you, so we need to take it slow.""Okay, sis.  That feels really good, by the way.""What?" she asked, before looking down to see her left hand was on my shoulder, but her right was gripping my left ass cheek.  She pushed me back on the bed before removing her hands completely.Jamie stared for another few seconds before saying, "Turn onto your side, facing me so that I can help you sit up."  I did as she asked, and once I was ready, she started to pull me upright.  In the process, the gown pulled up, leaving my genitalia exposed.  Once I was up, Jamie grabbed my clothes with her right hand while keeping me steady with her left.  With my t-shirt in hand, she moved toward me until our chests were touching.  She looked over my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me to untie the gown.While her face was next to mine, I said, "You know that I've always loved you.""Of course, silly.""Did you know that I've always wanted you?" while placing a kiss on her exposed neck.Once the gown was loose, she pulled away just enough to look me in the eyes.  "I think that that's just the meds talking and the fact that you're naked in my arms.""I'm not that out of it fro
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m the meds," I responded before softly kissing her on the lips.  I pulled back to gauge her response and added, "I've always thought that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met.  I've never been able to stay with anyone else for long because I compare them all to you.  None of them ever held a candle to you."  With that said, I took the shirt from her hand and pulled it over my head feeling embarrassed.  She continued to peer into my eyes as I took my shorts and underwear from her.  As I attempted to put my left leg into them, Jamie moved in and smashed her lips onto mine.  It was passionate and wanton, and it went on for over a minute.When Jamie pulled away, she confessed, "I've always wanted you too, but realized that it was frowned upon.  Now that we're adults, I no longer care what others think.  Let's get out of hear and go to my apartment."Jamie tried to help me slide my underwear and shorts back on, but we ran into a problem.  Between the kiss and her words, I was now as hard as I've ever been.  She helped me to my feet and said, "I can't do anything about that here, so just try to hide it the best that you can."Once standing, I jerked my shorts up and covered them with my shirt.  I then sat in the wheelchair, and Jamie wheeled me out to the front entrance.  There we grabbed a cab that took us to her place.  Once inside her building, we got in the elevator, and she pressed the number ten button.  She turned to me and kissed me deeply while grinding her heat against my rigid cock.  When the door opened, we separated and headed for her apartment hand in hand.After unlocking the door, Jamie pulled me inside and didn't stop until she entered her bedroom.  She gently pushed me back onto her bed.  She quickly stripped herself bare and then did the same to me.  Without any hesitation, she straddled my groin and slid her bald vagina down onto me. The feeling was exquisite.  She was so warm and slick, while still being snug.  She rode me in full strokes for a minute before I pulled her down and kissed her hungrily.  Jamie kept riding me as our tongues wrestled, and my hands wandered across her splendid body.  I palmed her firm breasts and lightly flicked across her pert little pink nipples.  They seemed quite sensitive, so I didn't press any harder but kept up the gentle grazing.Jamie's movements started to accelerate and become more sporadic.  I knew that she must be close and concentrated on her nipples.  She tore her face from mine and sounded, "I'm going to cum!  Please cum with me and fill me with your sperm!"I was already close and released her breasts to grab her buttocks.  I pressed her faster and harder onto me.  My orgasm approached rapidly as she began to shudder while chewing on my neck and shoulder.  When I felt the first stream release into her waiting womb, I held her close.  It had been a few weeks since my last cum, and she was receiving it all.  Jamie's contractions kept coming as she squeezed the last of my fluids from my empty scrotum.  In the twilight of our sex, I held her close and kissed her lips.  Nothing was said as our love for each other was palpable.  With our respective walls down, all we wanted was to be with each other.Feeling that I was still hard, I rolled Jamie over onto her back.  I began a slow penetration of her semen-filled puss.  Our mouths were still pressed against one and other's as our need slowly increased.  Jamie was moaning and wrapped her legs around my lower back.  She egged me on with her heels as I pushed even further into her velvet puss.  The power and speed of our humping increased as our need grew. Our mouths broke free, and I sought out a nipple as she started to roar.  "Oh Jared, I've wanted you for so long.  Make me cum again, please!"I rotated and juked side to side as I kept up the penetration.  Jamie started to shake and scream, "Oh, God!  I'm cummmiiinnnggg!" as I kept going.  Jamie pulled me back down and tried to swallow my face as her climax escalated.  Her legs were clenched tightly around my waist to keep me from moving while her contractions continued.  Her hands were entwined in my hair as our faces mashed together.  I gradually slowed my pace until I was still.  As her orgasm eased, Jamie realized that I hadn't cum a second time.  My pole was still quite stiff inside her, and she began to squirm about."You feel so perfect inside me, Jared.  I'm just sorry that you weren't my first.""I feel the same sis.  There were many times when we were growing up that I pleasured myself thinking of you.  I thought that I'd be embarrassed to confess that to you.  But it's like a weight has been removed, and I can truly be myself with you now.  I love you, Jamie!""I love you too!  There is one thing that you can be my first at Jared.  I've never let anyone have my anal cherry.  Have you ever done that with anyone?""I haven't, but I'd love to try it with you, Jamie.  But first, I really need a shower.  I'm still a little funky from the baseball game.  Can I take a shower with the stitches?""We can wrap that part of your leg in plastic to keep it from getting wet.  But first,  kiss me a little more and maybe make me cum again."I didn't say a word but moved to her face, and we kissed like the long lost lovers that we were.  As the kiss turned sensual, I began moving in and out of Jamie's incredible sex.  It was a slow climb, and we both climaxed after a long loving session.  We lay there for quite a while, enjoying each other.  It was a closeness that neither of us had ever felt, and we were quite reluctant to let it go.  Eventually, our bellies decided that it was time to get up and eat.  We called a local Chinese restaurant and ordered some food for delivery.  They said that it would be about forty-five minutes, so we decided to hop in the shower.After Jamie wrapped my leg, we turned on the water and hopped inside.  The heat felt good, and we took our time cleaning and exploring.  I'd set my phone timer for about thirty-five minutes to make sure we were out of the shower in time.  It's a good thing I did that because when it did go off, we were lying on the tub floor in a sixty-nine as the warm water coated our bodies.  We slowly rose to our feet and shut off the water.  Jamie grabbed a couple of towels, and we dried each other while still exploring.  There was a knock at the door, so I wrapped the towel around my waist and went out to get the food.  I paid and brought it to the table when Jamie came out all dried off but still entirely naked.  I dropped my towel, and we moved to the couch, where we resumed out mutual oral assault.We went on for another hour or so just tasting not only out genitalia but also doing a good bit of rimming.  We both were quite enthusiastic about anal stimulation and even enjoyed a little digital stimulation.  We didn't care anymore about what was considered normal.  Our entire relationship went against that now, so we enjoyed the exploration in our new frontier.After more orgasms, we finally decide that we should eat something.  So we warmed the Chinese and chowed down.  We cleaned up the dishes and put everything away before Jamie led me back to the bedroom.As we were intertwined and facing each other, she said,  "I know without a doubt that our being together is right for us.  But, I also know that most people would frown upon it if they were to learn the truth.  Fortunately, there is only one person in this town that has met us both and knows.  I will find a way to move Melinda to another hospital.  Don't worry, I will do it through promotion.  We have another hospital in the next city over, and I have a lot of influence now.  It helps that they're always looking for good nurses.  I'm not going to hide my relationship with you from anyone."I stared at her in awe before saying, "I feel exactly the same way.  I have waited a very long time for this, and I won't let anyone get in our way either.  You have a much nicer apartment than I do, and I'm on month-to-month now, so I'll let mine go and move in with you.""Can we go and get your things tomorrow?  I want you around me all the time now.""Yes.  I want to be with you all of the time too.  How long before you can move Melinda?  I don't want you to have problems because of us.""It shouldn't take more than a week.  She has been itching to move up, and I know that she has no ties to this city.  I'm sure that she'll be grateful for the whole thing.  Now that we have things worked out, I want you to take my ass."I rolled her onto her belly before asking, "Do you have any type of lubrication?  I know that it's important for this."Jamie reached over to her nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube of lube.  I took it from her and moved to her spread buttocks.  Before I used the lube, I ran my tongue over her little pink rosebud and began to enjoy her.  I lapped and poked while slowly opening her.  The taste and scent were musky, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Jamie seemed to be enjoying it too, and she purred softly.  My tongue loosened her as she relaxed, and I was able to push through her anal ring with my tongue.Once I couldn't go any further, I lubed up a finger and gently pushed it inside.  Her reaction was inspiring as she started to growl.  Once she seemed loose enough, I added more lube and a second finger.  Again, I took my time with the penetration, and soon, she was begging, "Go deeper and add another... I'm so close to... Aarrgghhhh!"  She shook and squirmed as I kept up the movement.  Still shaking from a never-ending climax, Jamie insisted, "Get inside me now!  I want to feel you on top of me as you move in me."I lubed up my cock and placed it at her rear entrance as I spread her cheeks wide.  I took my time rimming her rear entrance with my solidified penis.  Guessing from Jamie's moans, she was savoring the feeling.  I gradually increased the pressure until I slid inside.  Her breath caught momentarily, and I asked, "Are you alright?"Jamie's only response was, "Mmmmm... keep going."The tightness of her anal ring was unlike anything I'd experienced before.  I knew I would have to go slow to keep from cumming too soon.  I kept the pace to a turtle-walk.  I also took my time going deeper.  This was a first for both of us, and I wanted it to be nothing but pleasure.  Jamie kept egging me on to go faster and further inside her.  I decided on deeper first, so that when I started to go faster, I wouldn't hurt her.  Pressing forward, I quickly began to plunge into the depths of her rectum.  For her part, Jamie was now full-on wailing.  Within seconds of reaching my full depth, Jamie screamed, "Oh fuck... I'm cumming!  Don't stop... don't ever stop!"  Unfortunately, Jamie's contractions were so violent that my climax was right behind hers.  I did keep pumping throughout mine, to keep her's going, but finally collapsed on top of her.I rolled us both on our side so that I wouldn't crush her as I recovered.  As I was panting hard, Jamie cooed, "Oh Jared, I knew you were the one that would make me happy.  I'm just sorry that I didn't save my vaginal virginity for you.  I love you so much,  I want to be with you forever."With my breathing under control, I replied, "I love you very much, Jamie.  Let's have no regrets about the past.  We were led to believe that our love was wrong by society.  But that part of our life is over now, and we can't do anything to change it.  We'll just concentrate on the future and our new life together.  We can be together and love each other from now on without concern.""I love that we have a future now.  I've yearned to have you with me for so long.  Why don't we head over to your apartment first thing, and start packing your stuff?  We can probably get most of it over here in one day.""I think that that's a great idea!  I don't really need much of the furniture so I can just sell it.  It's just that much less to carry.  I want to be with you full-time now, Jamie, even though that means only part-time with our jobs.""How is your leg feeling?  Is the pain coming back?""Yeah, a little.  I guess I should take another pill so that I can sleep through the night.""That's a good idea,  I'll grab them from my purse and be right back with some water."  Jamie eased off of the last inch or so of my deflating cock before heading toward the kitchen.  She returned with a glass of water. After handing it to me, she bent over to retrieve the pills from her purse.  I couldn't resist reaching out and fondling her firm ass.  Rather than slap my hand away as most girls would, Jamie actually encouraged me to continue.  "I love when you touch me, don't ever stop doing that."

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